When's the last time you saw a really bad movie? Admittedly, I'm like the worst movie-goer ever.  I never know movie references in conversation unless it's something I've seen a million times, like Harry Potter. Oh, and as for knowing actors and actresses? Yeah, I don't ever know who is who in that regard, either.

It has been well over a year since I even went to a movie theater (and if I'm at home, I'm watching a documentary that probably didn't hit theaters). However, can you recall the last BAD movie you saw? Maybe it just didn't peak your interest or maybe it should have and you just felt it was produced ALL WRONG.  Bad movies are the worst--especially if you paid $10 to see them!

According to a recent survey, each state, guiltily, has a "favorite bad movie". The survey compiled all of the lowest scoring movies from sites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes and then found for each state, which of those poorly rated movies ranked first per Google analytics.

So, Idaho--any guesses at which BAD movie is our "favorite"? No, it isn't the Emoji Movie (a popular nationwide result)....it was "The Love Guru", with only a 13% recommendation rate from Rotten Tomatoes. Staring Mike Myers...this movie seems sure to disappoint and no, I probably won;t be watching it.

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