Think about the last time you drove down Fairview in Boise. It's not an exaggeration to say that there are "now hiring" signs on every block. It seems like you could get a new job if the red stop light takes too long. Yes that may seen a little dramatic but it presents a question "Why is the unemployment rate going up in Idaho" March vs April the number grew from 3.2% to 3.5%. Clearly we have jobs available but this is the part where we have to address the elephant in the room. Do we have a minimum wage issue in Idaho?

Idaho hasn't raised the  minimum wage since 2009... Why? We know that the housing market is exploding and rent is getting more and more expensive as each day passes. Would you work for minimum wage ? Honestly how many people are affected by minimum wage? In 2020, there were 479,000 Idahoans being paid an hourly wage According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That translates to "7,000 or 1.4% who are actually getting paid minimum wage or less". Who are these people? Are they high school kids that live at home and have no bills? Are they servers at restaurants / bars? Are they not being represented by voters? In 2019 the initiative to make the minimum wage $12 made it to the ballot and failed to pass. In 2020 it didn't even get as far as the ballot. Is our system broken? Is it that the additional $300 bonus that unemployed Idahoans are receiving ( thru September) that allows them to basically make up to $20 per hour and if that's the case who would blame them for not working for $7.25 ?  Idaho hasn't raised the  minimum wage since 2009, Do you think it should happen now?

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