When is the last time that you saw a mugshot for a turtle? Probably never, right? The Idaho Humane Society has taken their work to a whole new level, as one speedy little turtle garnered all of the attention on the Boise internet this week.

It's easy to spot dog lovers in the Treasure Valley--they're everywhere. Of course there are just as many cat people around town and despite not seeing them with their cats...they're easy enough to spot, too...if you know, you know.

How about turtle fans? Throwback to that 'I Like Turtles' kid, right?

While we don't know exactly how a Boise turtle, since named 'Leonardo DiCapriturtle' made his way into the Idaho Humane Society (they said he came in as a stray)--the only thing that we can think of is that this little turtle ran away from home. His owners never came forward, either.

Perhaps he is very adventurous?

Let's take a look at Idaho's most famous turtle!

Could This Turtle Be Idaho's Fastest?

Here's a look at a runaway turtle that the Idaho Humane Society sought and found a home for just this week!

Who wouldn't want to take this guy home!?

Full disclosure, we know absolutely nothing about Turtles and he looks a little grumpy, but who are we to judge. Just 8-hours after seeing that Leo Dicapriturtle was up for adoption, he was already labeled as 'adopted' on the Idaho Humane Society website. I guess he went fast. Pun intended.

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