Did you know that when it comes to pulling out, Idaho has some very strict laws? How often are people actually following those laws, however? If you have spent any time on Idaho highways, you may agree with me that people are not pulling out frequently enough.

So often while driving to and from McCall, Idaho I have noticed that if you're stuck behind a slow vehicle--especially if it is pulling a trailer--there won't be ANY passing, or speeding up.  I hate feeling like an aggressive driver, or like someone that is trying to speed my way around folks, but WOW can it be aggravating to get "stuck" on these small highways.

Of course, this statement comes with it's smart remarks--because yes, a lot of people are passionately wishing this was the case. 

And finally--I have to agree on this one. Where did the Idaho Transportation Department get that photo!? 


Truly, the drives through Idaho's highways are beautiful but nobody needs to be going 45 miles per hour on these things! 


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