When I was younger, my "life plan" was simple. Win the Powerball. I had just read the book "The Secret," and I was convinced that if I put enough positive thought energy into the universe, it would eventually pay off. Sadly (and obviously) the "energy" I put out there into the universe never paid off, yet. I still play the Powerball (although not quite as regularly) in hopes that I will win the big jackpot. That's why when I saw KTVB report that the Idaho Lottery has debuted a "first-of-it's kind" game it got my attention.

The game is a clear plastic ticket, made from recycled materials that are 100% recyclable. You can see right through the ticket.
It is also an interactive ticket that can be accessed through smartphones and PCs.

This new lottery ticket looks pretty cool and since it incorporates your smartphone looks fun to play. The top half scratches off a QR code while the bottom half plays like a regular scratch off. The Idaho Lottery is pioneering the new way to play.

The tickets will cost $5 and could win you up to 50,000. Feeling Lucky?

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