Fool me once, shame on me, Fool me twice, well, um, I guess I'll stay in jail longer.

That quote is butchered, and after reading on you'll realize why.

Recently, a 25-year-old Idaho Falls man was arrested for aggravated assault. His crime? Threatening his girlfriend with a knife. Which is clearly not smart, illegal, and will most certainly land you in the clink.

Sadly, this type of story isn't out of the ordinary. What this perp did next, however, takes this tale into its own realm of "....really?"

After being arrested, the criminal in question somehow managed to procure a second charge against him: Felony intimidation. How? By calling and harassing his girlfriend from jail.

While trying to get his girlfriend to lie on his behalf to help his case, the man used racial slurs to try and convince her. Not a sound strategy, if you ask us. She clearly didn't help him, all the conversations were recorded, and now Johnny Two-Charges is going to be enjoying a longer stay with his friends in Bonneville County.

If you're thinking "Well, maybe this guy's just down on his luck and made a bad choice," that's sweet of you to imagine. But you're wrong.

In 2016, this same criminal started a fire in Bonneville County back in 2016 that resulted in 50,000 acres being burned to a crisp. Was it because he was hanging out with his friends lighting off bottle rockets without a care in the world? You're darn right it was.

Maybe this gentleman is better off not having access to bottle rockets. Or his girlfriend.

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Take a look at this for yourself and enjoy the very Idaho TikTok, as well.

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