It's not uncommon to hear about weapons used during a criminal act. Guns, knives, rope, a candlestick, heck even a lead pipe from time to time. We've read the stories. No big deal.

This isn't one of those stories. This one is much, much different.

We travel to Idaho Falls on July 3rd, around 1 a.m. We're just a few hours away from some friendly neighborhood fireworks displays. Not everyone is in the mood to celebrate America, however.

38-year-old Justin Williams obviously has an issue with an unnamed Idaho Falls woman, as he was in her house threatening her. It's not the words he used during his outburst, but the weapons that have us inundated with questions. We weren't joking when we said his choices were weird.

Williams was threatening the victim with bear mase, and an actual sword. Like, Leonardo from the Ninja Turtles-type sword. Weird, right? We expect these kinds of stories from maybe Alabama or Florida, but sword attacks in the Gem State? That feels like a first for this writer.

The perp in question went on to pick up a cement block and also threaten the victim with that. Turns out, his armory selections were all for naught, as he was quickly arrested and placed in the Bonneville County Jail.

A preliminary hearing for Williams is scheduled at the end of the month. If convicted (how could he not be?), he'll be facing up to 5 years in prison. Where they don't allow inmates any access to bear mase or swords, that we know of.

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