It's an image that many felt wasn't "coming true" soon enough and even more feared may never come: a suspect in handcuffs following the Idaho quadruple homicide.

Today, the public is seeing for the first time, the named suspect in the tragedy that killed four University of Idaho students in Moscow. Aside from a mugshot that was obtained by the media a day after Bryan Kohberger's arrest, those following the case haven't seen Kohberger.

This morning, hours before appearing before a judge, Kohberger was brought into a Pennsylvania courthouse with multiple police escorts.

No cameras or live tweets were allowed in the courtroom where he eventually waived his hearing for extradition. Kohberger shared that there was nothing that was stopping him from making that decision, competently.

News Nation reporter Brian Entin has been following the case closely and was in the courtroom when it happened, his account is below:


Additional footage of Kohberger leaving the courthouse was captured, below: 




Following Kohberger's court appearance, authorities in Pennsylvania addressed the media. 

The Colonel of the Pennsylvania State Police extended his condolences to the families and communities impacted by the tragedy.

According to authorities, Pennsylvania troopers were contacted by the FBI to assist in the surveillance of this case and as the investigation progressed, troopers began to remain in touch with authorities in Idaho--eventually obtaining the appropriate warrants--one for Kohberger's person, one for the home, and one for the white Hyundai Elantra.

Once warrants were obtained, tactical preparations were made into the evening of December 29th and in the early hours of Friday, December 30th and Kohberger was taken into scene without incident and the scene was turned over to the FBI.

The District Attorney in Pennsylvania referred to Idaho's law which keeps details of the probable cause sealed until returned to Idaho as a "quirk" and says, as Idaho officials have said, that information will be on the way upon Kohberger's return to Idaho.


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The quadruple homicide of four University of Idaho students has triggered nationwide attention and concern.

As northern Idaho investigators continue the search for the murderer, fake news and wild accusations have engulfed local and national dialogues.

After confirming the claims against her were baseless, detectives eliminated an educator as a suspect. Unfortunately, her reputation remains an object of ridicule.

The following gallery is a glimpse at Idaho's response to the fallout. Click the pick to link back to the comment source.

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