Is it the last thing that you probably want to hear about? Yeah--sounds about right. Is it important, required, and inevitable? Also yes. So along with a subtle reminder here, we're hoping to help you as well.

Nobody likes it--paying taxes at the end of the year! If you're buttoned up and a total numbers geek, maybe you have your finances dialed in just enough to where you KNOW exactly what you owe or will be "breaking even" come Tax Day.

Either way, it's always best to have it all put together and ready to roll so that you can maximize your attention to detail and minimize that stress that looms until you've filed. Don't forget, the closer that we get to Tax Day, the more that everyone else is going to be rushing to the same places and services to get their taxes filed, too. Don't be a part of that rush!

It's officially "tax season" now, as the State of Idaho has announced that they're accepting your filings effective immediately.

There are a few options available to help those Idahoans who may need some assistance or some questions answered as the big day approaches.

First, there's a free webinar being put on for Idahoans by the Idaho State Tax Commission and it's taking place on Thursday, February 17th. According to the event page, it will help with:

  • How to get your third Economic Impact Payment
  • What to know about the Advance Child Tax Credit
  • Who qualifies for the Earned Income Credit and other credits
  • Common contributions and deductions, including one you can take even if you don't itemize
  • How to avoid the most frequent mistakes
  • Who needs to file
  • Withholding and Idaho W-4 forms
  • Tips if you're having someone prepare your taxes
  • Ways to file, including how to file for free
  • Ways to pay, including online options
  • What slows down a refund
  • Security measures you might see with your tax return
  • Where to get help

Another layer of help is available for those that need help filing. For many taxpayers, this help is totally free. While details are still being rolled out here, you may keep tabs on the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance service and the Tax Counseling for The Elderly service.

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