Imagine this. You finally decide to try one of those popular DNA test kits. You pay, spit in the test tube and send it away. During the wait, you wonder with bated breath what wonders you will learn about well, you. Completing a DNA test kit like and 23&Me are potentially life-changing events as Kelli Rowlette found out.

A doctor in Eastern Idaho is accused of secretly using his own sperm to fertilize a patient in 1980. Almost 40 years later, the baby is a grown woman who says she just learned the truth from a mail-in DNA test.

Kelli's parents had trouble conceiving, so they sought help from Dr. Gerald Mortimer, who is now a retired OBGYN. When Kelli got the results of her Ancestry DNA test back, Dr. Mortimer was a match as the father.

Shocker! The doctor allegedly used his sperm instead of the sperm of the father and random donor chosen by the parents.

The Statesman goes on to report that the family has filed a lawsuit against Dr. Mortimer for medical negligence, fraud, battery, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract and failure to get informed consent.

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