Warnings from local neighbors online have pet owners in the Treasure Valley double checking the safety of their pets these days. As the weather improves and your dog or cat spends more time outside--some hungry predators are out wandering around, too.

Have a small pet? Take a look at this viral threat from just two years ago:

Scary Pet Moments: Idaho Beware

While this viral home security footage did not take place in Idaho, it's a glimpse of the stark reality we face with coyotes running wild in our area

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

How do you plan to keep your dog or cat safe from the threat of coyotes!? 

Depending on where you live in the area, these vicious predators may just be a threat to your little pet.

A recent warning from a Treasure Valley resident in several local Facebook groups states that there have been a lot of coyote sightings in Boise, especially near Victory Road, Vista Avenue, and Federal Way. Of course Meridian and Nampa have just as many rural "field" areas where there are risks as well.

Maybe you have a cat that wanders outside for the bathroom or a neighborhood adventure--you may even just be walking a dog. All it takes is a hungry and overly confident coyote to snatch up and harm your beloved family pet.

According to the American Kennel Club, coyotes are indeed a threat even to bigger dogs--and they suggest that the most important thing to do is just not leave your pet unsupervised. We get that sometimes, that isn't an option.

Coyotes can climb fences up to 6-feet-tall so safety experts say that putting something slippery up top, like PVC pipe or sharp like barbed wire can keep the coyotes from jumping over and into your yard.

Other deterrents include lighting up your yard--even motion sensor lights can keep pesky coyotes out. Loud noises, like whistles, bells, and horns are also great deterrents. Keep your dogs and cats safe out there!

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