For most, our holiday traditions include gathering around the fire, baking a tasty treat, and sharing what we're grateful for at the end of the year.

Others? Their holiday traditions include some old-fashioned racism.

Who's getting coal in their stocking this year? What triggered them? What was their disgusting overreaction? Read on.

Lisa Leisy, a local official for Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin’s gubernatorial campaign, is very unhappy about a new advertising campaign from the good people at Hershey's. Not because of a new product. Oh no. It's much, much worse than that.

Here's the text of a tweet Leisy sent out in reference to a recent commercial from Hershey's featuring a black family:

I don’t support the new and improved #Hersheys #christmas black only commercial. Classic #commercial and they ruined it.

Not vile enough for you? Her follow up continues her heinous tirade: longer watch much current TV cause black only supporting.

Yes, these are real quotes from a real Idaho politician.

What's worse is this isn't Leisy's first time going public with her disdain of African Americans. Earlier this year, she sent out this (again, real) tweet referencing Juneteenth being celebrated in America:

Guess we’re on our way to be a black nation ahead. Welcome to the ‘new’ America.


On a personal note, if these statements don't raise some concern, perhaps we need to do better with what we accept from our politicians' rhetoric. I'd like to believe that this holiday season we truly can love one another, respect our neighbors, and be the good we want to see in the world.

Let's hope Lisa Leisy gets the message.

(Update: At the time this article was published, Leisy's Twitter account has been suspended)

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