To be clear, yes it is still illegal to buy, sell, or possess marijuana in Idaho.

That isn't stopping residents from getting it while also boosting Oregon's economy.

The AP reports that Idahoans are helping bring money into the small town of Huntington, Oregon by purchasing weed there. While there are only 435 residents in Huntington, marijuana dispensaries there claim they'll see as many as 600 customers in one day. The drive from Boise to Huntington is around 80 minutes, but that isn't stopping Idahoans from shopping there for all their marijuana needs.

Councilman Chuck Guerri explains:

When (the dispensaries) are really busy, it's two, two-and-a-half hours before (customers) get their product. So they mingle and they go to the store. They sit and have a hamburger or something. Every little bit of it helps when you're a small town.

Think a little bit of weed won't make much of a difference in Huntington's economy? The city reports that they are expecting to receive $100,000 in taxes this year from just one of the marijuana dispensaries there. At an average of $14.40 a gram, that's a lot of ganja the Treasure Valley is scooping up.

Don't think Idaho police aren't noticing the increase in the illegal substance here. Major Sheldon Kelley of the Idaho State Police say it isn't anything new for them:

It's not a new phenomenon. You've had medical marijuana available in Oregon, in several other states in the Northwest and the West. All that made an increase in activity here in Idaho

If you're waiting for Idaho to legalize marijuana like Oregon has, don't hold your breath. Governor Butch Otter is a strong opponent of legalized weed, and the medical marijuana initiative on ballots has been turned down the past three years.


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