We all know that the pro-marijuana activists continue to yearn to set up shop in Idaho. I don't understand why the folks in Ontario pressure Idahoans to legalize the weed in any form. If Idaho falls, then all the money that goes to the Ontario dispensaries will be transferred to Idaho's version of the pot shops.

The Idaho Statesman recently did a story on a video from Treasure Valley Cannabis Company featuring someone walking around town looking to smoke the weed. The writer of the piece thought it was funny, so I decided to look at it. I found nothing funny about the video or reference the sophomoric, highly dated movie Fast Times at Ridgemount High. Perhaps, I'm missing the humor of romanticizing about illegal and harmful drugs from a film that was made before cable tv, the internet, or cell phones.

YouTube/ Video Credit: Jon Christopherson Treasure Valley Cannabis Company

The stories linked from the statesman are examples that we in DRUG-FREE IDAHO face every day. There aren't movies made about folks who smoke marijuana only to suffer the harmful side effects or move on to more addictive drugs.


Folks in the media cannot comprehend the shared values of those Idahoans who do not want Idaho to become another weed state.

The Idaho Cannabis Citizens Coalition for Cannabis continues their efforts to legalize the week in Idaho.  Governor Little continues to maintain his stance that he will not support any legalization of marijuana in Idaho.  Considering the makeup of the legislature, I don't see a groundswell movement to go legalize the weed in the upcoming session.

We will continue our efforts to give you the other side of the story that you won't read anywhere else.

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