I had no idea that such an "Idaho Potato Commission" even existed but it seems only fitting such a commission is a thing in the great State of Idaho. Maybe you've see that giant Idaho Potato that sits on an 18-wheel flatbed semi-truck around town or on post cards. The people responsible for such a gem? The Idaho Potato Commission.

Believe it or not, there's a lot more to Idaho potatoes than just fries, tater tots, hash-browns, potato bread and...well, you get the point. There are some pretty awesome life hacks that potatoes can offer that I've never even heard of as an Idaho native! Maybe some of these will come in useful for you at home!

Have puffy eyes? An Idaho Potato can cure that. Apparently, enzymes in the potato help to reduce retained water under the eyes (I've included the video below).

Believe it or not-- that's just the tip of the iceberg! Preventing fog in your windshields, removing rust from cookware, even removing a broken light bulb.    Idaho Potatoes can do it all. For the full list of life hacks, click HERE.


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