It is no secret that we are inside of a political year as all we're seeing on TV and in the news are ads for presidential campaigns and updates on who is leading in what polls and in what states.

So far, Iowa has caucused, New Hampshire has voted, candidates are preparing for Nevada next-- but Idaho's Primary date continues to grow closer.

With Donald Trump running as the incumbent for the Republican Party, there isn't much uncertainty, if any, for Republicans and who will be representing them on the presidential ballot this November. For Democrats, however, there's plenty to choose from. There are several active candidates seeking your votes to become the Democratic nominee. Political offices continue to pop up (in fact, just this weekend Michael Bloomberg's campaign office had plenty of protestors out in front of it) around town and I'm seeing more and more signs, stickers, and canvassers.

The official primary date for the State of Idaho is March 10th.

To vote for the Republican ballot, you'll need to be a registered Republican.

In order to vote for the Democratic ballot, you will need to be a registered Democrat or Unaffiliated voter.

All of this Primary business can get really confusing and you may have no idea how or if you are even registered. Well, all of that is public record and you can look yourself up to make sure everything is correct, HERE.


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