The candlelight vigil at the Idaho State Capitol on Thursday was beyond what I was expecting. We currently have a COVID-19 pandemic that has overtaken news through every avenue. We know how serious this coronavirus is.

Just recently we entered stage 3 and it felt like last night nothing was going to stop Idahoans for standing up for what they believe. KTVB spoke with organizers and there was anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 in attendance. Whoa. Amazing.

I watched the entire event, didn't get crazy on social media, and just listened. I really wanted to get opinions on why they felt moved to sit on the Capitol steps with thousands of people they don't even know. Why is this so important to you?

In perspective, look at this crowd. You can feel the emotion and the silence in these numbers makes a point.

I was talking to Leandra who is 16, Hosivina 20, and Keegan also 20 that had a great perspective on it. It's so impressive that THIS is what's on their minds right now. I just think my mind was all over the place at 20 years old. I had just joined the United States Navy trying to figure out what I was going to do. These young adults are passionate and focused.

You're not alone and a lot of people make it seem really isolated especially at this time with the coronavirus and everyone staying at home, It's almost dangerous to be around anybody. It's like one of the speakers of this vigil came out and said she was out driving by herself, feeling lonely and wanted other people to mourn with... I think that's the thing. You're not alone and other people are out there and they feel the same way you do. They have the same frustrations, the same sadness and it's easy to feel isolated, but It's really important to look outside yourself and notice other people. - Josefina

I was humbled by their greatness. I loved their minds. I'm so impressed with the willingness to learn about each.

If we just practice listening to other people on a daily basis without responding. Just paying attention without looking at their Instagram. Putting the phone done and playing. Think about how special that would make everyone else feel.

The death of George Floyd is tragic without a doubt. I'm sorry for his family and friends. I will say that I feel something happening and it's not going away. Mr. Floyd might have died but I believe something special is happening. Could this be the moment we change as a country? If these kids are any indication of what leadership is going to be then I feel very good about it.

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