In May of 2022, during the Republican primary elections here in Idaho, Brian Lenney, a controversial and very outspoken Republican defeated long-time champion of Nampa, Jeff Agenbroad for a position on the ballot to represent Idaho State Senate District 13. Lenney won by a margin of just over 800 votes.

Since then, Lenney has been elected into office and representation for Nampa at the Idaho State Capitol has never been the same.

Whether you love him or hate him--Lenney's style is vastly different from the highly-respected Agenbroad, long known for his ability to work with people of all communities and political backgrounds or preferences--representing Nampa as a born and raised Idahoan.

Lenney, who moved to Idaho from California and is now in office representing District 13, is best known for his Twitter presence. Those engaged in local politics would be hard pressed to go a day without seeing something of Lenney's floating around on the internet--throwing around terms like "woke", "radical left" and "libs"--fitting for the way that our political rhetoric has evolved to be so loaded these days. He's also known for blocking people on Twitter quite often--seeing screenshots of folks being blocks by Lenney is not an uncommon occurrence.

It was one of his most recent tweets that has many Idahoans frustrated--seeking an apology or at least, an explanation.


It's the phrase 'full retard' that seems to have really stuck a nerve. Folks from all over Idaho are speaking up against his unfortunate and casual use of the word "retard"...

Was 'The R Word' Really Necessary For This Idaho Senator?

While referencing Vice President Kamala Harris & presumably the Biden Administration, Lenney said that they had gone 'full retard'. The internet quickly reacted.

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

How do you feel about an elected official acting this way online?


In several instances, Lenney replied to various users that were expressing their concern. It's unfortunate to have to say this--but none of them read as anything but sarcastic, only seeming like responses to further 'poke the bear'. Does Nampa representative, Senator Brian Lenney have an explanation? Many would like one, formally, on office letterhead representative of his office that he was elected to uphold and represent and not a Twitter account, where anything goes.

A local television host went as far as saying that Brian Lenney is a bully...     



Was Lenney's use of 'retarded' on Twitter (X) uncalled for? Some say yes, others say no--and somewhere, in the middle, where the majority of voters, constituents, and Idahoans are--there seems to be a simple sentiment that Lenney really just could have and should have used another word.

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