College football is both ramping up and winding down--and while it's "over" here in Idaho, a familiar jersey was spotted on national television last night, viewed by millions, as the University of Texas took on the University of Washington.

While these major programs battled it out for a spot in the National Championship game--a halftime presentation featured a roster that was unique and hadn't played a single game together, at all.

Named the 'Good Works Team', this roster of collegiate football players was compiled because of each of their good works in the community. Idaho was not left out!

University of Idaho football Head Coach Jason Eck was definitely proud to see the Vandal representation on his screen at home! 

It is easy to get caught up in college athletics--teams, bets, rivalries and so on. But what so many seem to forget is that the players we're watching from the stands of on our screens, are merely kids. These athletes are students, first, working towards their degrees and preparing for life. The fact that any of these student-athletes have the time to give back to their respective communities is impressive and should certainly be celebrated.

We're proud to see Idaho's own Mathias Bertram has made the cut! According to his bio, he's involved in the Vandal Catholic Club on campus!

Learn more about the Allstate AFCA 'Good Works Team' of 2023, which of course includes more on Idaho's Bertram, just click HERE.

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