When it comes to football in the State of Idaho--one team runs the tables: Boise State. Even on an "off-season", the Broncos are the best football team in the entire state at any given time. That doesn't mean, however, that they're the most cheered for.

It's easy to root for a Boise State team that has spent time on the big stage over the years. It's the Idaho Vandal fans, however, that might just be the most competitive, spirited, loud, and loyal. It just so happens that they had a pretty good season in 2022, as well.

Have you ever been inside of the Kibbie Dome at the University of Idaho? Take this virtual tour, below!

KIbbie Dome Photos

The Kibbie Dome has once again gained national attention thanks to ESPN. We look at Idaho's 'unique' facility in this photo gallery.

We love the Kibbie Dome and recommend everyone experience a football game inside of it! 

It's time to build off of that great 2022 season and take things to the next level. A little time on national television might just do that.

Some say it looks like a beer can on its side--others say it's a feat of architectural genius. Vandals just call it home. And no matter the weather outside of the dome, the conditions inside are comfortable and fun!

The country is about to get to see the inside of that dome, big time! For the first time in over a decade, an Idaho Vandal football game is going to be televised nationally, on ESPN 2, as they take on Montana at home in Moscow, Idaho.



Coach Eck says he doesn't want a bunch of Montana fans in the Kibbie Dome! Get those tickets already! If you can't make the game--get ready for the nationally televised spectacle!

Sorry, Boise State fans, the Vandals now officially have one more game on ESPN than you do this fall. Crazy!


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