Millions of viewers across the country watched our own Maddie Zahm brings us to tears on the new American Idol Sunday night. My wife and I were both in tears before she was ever voted through to Hollywood.

I'm at my weakest when people exemplify selflessness and those are the highest achievements in life that can't be measured by an award. Maddie helps a student that in turn helps her out.

I was honored over the weekend to co-host the Idaho Miss Amazing with Maggie O'Mara from KTVB News Channel 7. She's a great friend and means a TON to the community so I was lucky to be sharing a microphone with her in front of some amazing people.

Photo by: Kekeluv

Nearly 450 women and girls participate in this pageant across the state of Idaho. It's incredible how they move you and how excited they are for you. We get so caught up in day to day confusion over social media, politics, and life that we forget the most important things, LOVE.  The latest local edition American Idol's Hollywood episode will be a teen that found hope in these same kids.

Maddie Zahm from Boise finds a best friend that changes her life. Maddie was diagnosed with (PCOS) Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which caused her to put on a lot of weight followed by depression. It was a kid she met in a special needs class who was singing a Katy Perry song. The rest is a miracle and it doesn't matter whether she wins Idol or not. Maddie's heart will forever be touched and so will ours. This story is more than cute or emotional. American Idol's feature on this sweet Idahoan is necessary. We need more stories like this because we're all getting tired of the hateful stories/news.

Thank you, Maddie, for giving us hope that a 19-year-old little lady from Boise Idaho is our future. Life IS GOOD despite what you read in somebody's news feed. Let's NOT let HER down as she takes the next exciting steps in her life.

Maddie is headed to Hollywood! #teammaddiez