How do we handle the tragedy of another school shooting in our country? Every parent fears that their beautiful children's lives are in danger while attending school. We now have members of the media and politicians advocating for change and action.  

Those people have not defined the changes and action; perhaps it's new gun laws? We have thousands of laws on the books that limit folks from obtaining firearms. As a society, how do you stop an eighteen-year-old from committing mass murder? 



There will be plenty of time to review what will or won't be done. Last May, a sixth-grade student at Rigby Middle School started a shooting spree hitting a janitor and two fellow students. New documents reveal the young girl had a hit list that included 20 targets to be killed and 40-60 people who were to be wounded. If not for the actions of educator Krista Gneiting who disarmed the student, more kids would've become victims.  

Most schools in Idaho have increased their safety protocols over the years to increase the safety of the students and staff. Idaho educators have debated arming teachers to improve safety in schools. We all would like to end these mass killings, yet no one has come up with a solution?  

I would ask whether you have school-aged children or not, that we all take a moment to pray for those families that are now mourning the murder of their children. Texas Governor Greg Abbott told ABC News, "When parents drop their kids off at school, they have every expectation to know that they're going to be able to pick their child up when that school day ends. And some families are in mourning right now." 

Our focus as a state and a country has to be on real solutions, not pandering for a political benefit.  

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