Some hallway banter at our offices recently sparked a conversation: growing up in the Treasure Valley, where would you sneak off to in the middle of the night?  As teenagers, sneaking around at night to smoke a cigarette, drink a cheap beer, or "make-out" with the person you're dating that week is normal, right?

Well, we asked you on social media where those places were. While many accused us of being undercover cops, we really just wanted to have some fun.

Did any of the comments or messages suggest a place that you have "snuck off to" before? 

Boise's Most Promiscuous Places

We asked the good folks of the Treasure Valley where, if anywhere, they would do "promiscuous things" in town. Perhaps it's where they would go with their high school boyfriends back in the day or where they take their fresh products imported from Ontario, Oregon.
Here's what you all had to say:

Late last year, a popular dispensary in Oregon shared a video of some great "sesh" spots-- satirically of course. Needless to say, some of their suggestions were the same as yours. Are we sensing a trend? 

What is a "Sesh spot"? Well, according to Urban Dictionary it's a place to do something illegal. You can connect the dots.

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