It's hardly controversial, as it seems everyone has simply embraced reality: Idaho will probably never legalize marijuana and the State of Oregon, just minutes away, will continue to sell it legally. What does that mean for the State of Idaho? Well, I sure haven't noticed a difference in day-to-day life being so close to a dispensary. Ask those in Ontario, however, and they can tell you just how much has changed.  According to several friends and business owners in that area, on any given day, the majority of license plates in the parking lots of these Ontario dispensaries are from the State of Idaho-- 1A and 2C or, Ada and Canyon Counties, respectfully.

Fact of the matter is, Treasure Valley: people here in town smoke weed whether they get it in Ontario or not. Love it or hate it, it's going on and it's really just the elephant in the room.

The good folks at Treasure Valley Cannabis are simply embracing the elephant.

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In a recently shared video that is getting a ton of love online, Treasure Valley Cannabis travels all around the City of Boise and identifies some of the very best "sesh" spots.

Not familiar with a "sesh spot"? Urban Dictionary says if where you go with your friends to smoke or drink.

Boise has "sesh spots"?

The tour is quite entertaining. From the park to the greenbelt, the outskirts of the zoo to Freak Alley, it suggests any of these places could be great "sesh spots"...then again, Idahoans wouldn't do such a thing.

Check out the video for yourself, BELOW:


Need some munchies after the sesh? I hear that's how it goes...

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