My fiancé and I constantly joke about having to move 2,100 miles away from our home state to find love in Idaho but are we really just following the crowd?

If you had a chance to watch Nate's beautiful proposal and read the story of how we met years ago, you know that both of were born and raised in Ohio.  It was really our love of the worst football team in the NFL that brought us together.  Once I found myself single in Idaho for the first time, I really didn't think I'd end up marrying an Ohio native.  I thought for sure that I'd probably meet a nice homegrown Idaho boy.

But according to a new study, Idahoans are most attracted to our neighbors to the South in Utah! Time Magazine looked into over 116 million marriages where the spouses were born (not necessarily raised) in other states and found that statistically, the greatest number of Idahoans who don't marry a fellow Idahoan end up with a soul mate from Utah. We also make decent love connections with partners from Montana, Washington and Oregon.

The study did attribute the number of successful "interstate marriages" between Idahoans and Utahans to the large number of people who follow the Mormon faith in both states.

So if you're not having any luck finding Mr. Right here in Idaho, you may just need to take a road trip to SLC to meet the guy.  And hey, even if you don't find a love connection in Utah, you've always got the opportunity to hit Lagoon on the way home and check out some wicked roller coasters. (Ok, that's what I would do!)

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