You have to kiss a lot of frogs, to find your prince!

If you listened to Kekeluv and I when we did mornings, you know that when it comes to relationships, I have about as much common sense as a sack of rocks.  I was in a really bad long distance relationship when I moved to Boise with a guy who wanted me to follow his dreams instead of my own.  I wanted a happily ever after so bad, that I stayed in that relationship for an additional two years and even said yes to his proposal.  Four months later, for a number of was over.  That set off my string of not so great decisions with men.  I tried to tame the player. I dumped the guy with a heart of gold because he was just "too nice." I had my heart crushed by a guy who I really liked, only to find out he'd neglected to tell me he had a girlfriend. And the last serious boyfriend before my current guy? He had some serious mental health demons he was wrestling with. So it's no surprise that two years ago, I realized I just need to stop trying to find a guy.  I just needed to exhale and be alone for a while.

Enter Nate.  I actually met him through one of the guys in our sales department, six years ago.  Our sales guy knew I was from Ohio and grew up a Cleveland Browns fan, so naturally as the president of the Boise Browns Backers he insisted that I came to one of their viewing parties on Sunday.  That's where I met some loud mouth guy that gave our sales guy as much sarcastic crap as I did.  Turns out he was from Cleveland.  We actually had worked around some of the same people in Ohio, but never crossed paths.

Over the next couple years, I saw him on Sundays during the Browns games and bump into him some other places like Hawks games, etc.  In fact, the year Keke lost his voice during Live for 175, he'd been listening and brought Keke a hot beverage to help his throat.  He was just a cool guy but I never really had any interest in him romantically.  He had a girlfriend most of the time I'd known him and he met my revolving door of men when I'd drag them to watch my crappy football team.

What's really funny? We were both going to a Cavs game in Cleveland while we were home for the holidays so we met up to say "hi" to each other and snapped a photo.  When he posted it, people instantly thought we were dating. (Which couldn't have been further from the truth considering the whole "guy I was into neglected to tell me he had a girlfriend" fiasco happened a few days later.) Fast forward to the first week of January where we bumped in to each other at the Governor's Ball. I had too much to drink, he said the wrong thing at the wrong time and I got super bummed out.  He basically babysat me, listened to be whine about another guy the whole night and even invited me to watch football/commiserate with some of his equally miserable female friends the next day.  I was super hesitant, but went.

We chatted on FB for the next few days and he was bummed he was going to miss the first half of the Ohio State vs Oregon National Championship game because he was driving home to Nampa from Downtown Boise.  I ended up inviting him over to join my friends and I since I live close to Downtown.  Ohio State wins.  We drink all of my beer and Crown Royal to celebrate and out of no where he insists that I kiss him. Somewhere in how much I had to drink, I thought it was a good idea...and was really weirded out that he was taking pictures of it.  And then we didn't talk about it again until a few weeks later when a bottomless mimosa brunch resulted in the same thing.

So now we're kind of "hanging out." I was playing indoor soccer at the time and mentioned that our keeper was out for one of our Saturday games.  He played keeper in high school, ended up buying like $200 in new gear and volunteered to fill in for us.  3/4 of the way through the game, a ball hits his finger the wrong way and shatters his pinky.  Less that a week later, he was having surgery to have it fixed.  Tawsha Box and I happened to be at Kona Grill naming our Fifty Shades of Grey cocktails for our Red Room party, so I was able to stop by and see him before they put him under.  (I also tricked him into telling me his favorite sushi roll while we were there.) The way the day played out let me be the one to pick him up from surgery, drive him home to Nampa and surprise him with his sushi roll.  Under the influence of his pain killers, he looked at me that night, pointed at me and said "'re my girlfriend" before falling asleep.

Luckily he decided to stick with that decision without the influence of painkillers the next day and we went on our first outing as an "official couple" to Winter Carnival the next weekend.  We go every year to celebrate now!

So this year, I was looking forward to my 10 mile run down Warren Wagon Road, the beer garden, snow sculptures and watching the fireworks during dinner at our favorite McCall restaurant, Anchor! What I wasn't expecting? What happened during this year's fireworks show over Payette Lake!

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