Health Insurance can can be so expensive. It's such a tough thing to balance because it's a need that you don't use all the time. Personally I've gone years without needing to go to the doctor and then there was the time when I had a stomach ache that would come and go. I was the weirdest kind of pain. Dull but very present for a few days at a time then it would be fine for weeks. Because I had insurance and I was tired of having these recurrent episodes I decided to get it checked out. 19 days and 2 surgeries later I left the hospital and I spent less than $1000. My point is that as we should all have health insurance just in case, the reality is that not everyone can pay for it. This may be your chance to get free health insurance.

"Most people are surprised to hear that more than 80 percent of those enrolled with Your Health Idaho are eligible for lower-cost insurance, with many paying $0 per month," Executive Director of Your Health Idaho told ktvb. "I would encourage anyone who is interested to visit and at least complete the eligibility screening to find out if you could qualify. It never hurts to check."

I too would encourage you to do this immediately, if you enroll by March 31 you will have coverage beginning April 1.

"As we approach the one-year mark of COVID-19 in Idaho, too many Idahoans are still uninsured and in need of coverage," commented Kelly "Reopening the marketplace and providing Idahoans with a path to comprehensive health insurance is simply the right thing to do."



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