Murder, crime and mystery is all of the hype these days especially when it comes to Netflix. While there isn't a whole lot of any of those things happening in the Treasure Valley--that doesn't mean we aren't watching from our homes as crazy stories are recapped or told.

While Idaho is relatively safe--there have been some crimes to hit Netflix and capture the attention of the nation. Take for example Lori Vallow's story and trial which is still ongoing--and Netflix couldn't even wait. Another example could be Abducted in Plain Sight--a true crime documentary on Netflix that is all about an Idaho child abduction (a totally crazy story).

One of the largest "crime" series' of the year however, took place in Utah--not far from Idaho. Netflix released an original series called "Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey" all about Warren Jeffs--the leader of a large FLDS group--resurfacing the fascination with him and that particular faith, of which polygamy is common practice.

Just across the state line, there sits a former compound belonging to Warren Jeffs and now, you can stay overnight. 

Inside a Utah Polygamist Bed & Breakfast

We bet you've never seen anything like this before!

Would you visit this thing!?

You don't need to worry about Jeffs' friends or family coming to kidnap you at the bed and breakfast because they no longer own it. It's now owned by folks who have dubbed it "Zions Most Wanted Hotel".  While many of Jeffs' wives and followers lived there--he never actually got around to moving in there himself. The photos are certainly eerie.

We had a difficult time finding it online as it seems their website is down, but we called them and they did indeed confirm they're open for business! One YouTube user commented on a tour video of the place and wrote:

I actually stayed here with my husband this past April on accident. The people there were SOOO NICEEE!! But for sure got a weird vibe.

Want to get ahold of them for your stay? We recommend a phone call: 800-368-9682.

Heads up, this place is in SOUTHERN Utah, so you might be in for a bit of a drive.

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