It's fair to say, no matter who you are, that politics here in Idaho are a little unique. Let's be honest--one political party really runs the state and the turmoil that they have internally is pretty insane. Most members point to one another saying this guy or that guy isn't as conservative as me. Others spend countless hours on Twitter arguing with just doesn't stop in Idaho.

Well, if you didn't know, you have a voice--it's important--and today is a pretty big day! 


According to the Idaho Secretary of State, today is National Voter Registration Day and here in Idaho, you can participate by showing up to the front steps of Idaho's Capitol Building and registering!

Maybe you or someone you know has just turned 18-years-old or perhaps, you're a new resident here in Idaho and need to make the "conversion" to an Idaho voter from your  previous state. No matter what you believe or who you vote for--voting is our duty and we want everyone to get registered.

If you aren't sure about your voter registration status, you can check yours for yourself online, HERE.

If you don't have time to make it down to the Capitol Building today, you can also register to vote online--which is far more convenient in our honest opinion. To do so, click HERE.

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