Summer means getting out and enjoying all nature has to offer. Beautiful views, clean air, wildlife, and getting so drunk that you start talking to the trees. Ahhh, nature.

We joke, but having a few cold ones while outdoors is pretty much a summer tradition for most Americans. If you live in Idaho, you may want to double-check that your favorite spot to knock a few back didn't just ban alcohol.

We all know there are plenty of options out there-- some obvious and some even a little "secret" 

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Most Idahoans are familiar with Granite Point Park in Eastern Washington, one of two major parks along Snake River. Granite Point Park, often referred to as "The Cliffs," is a party staple for Washington State University and University of Idaho students. Shotgun a beer, jump off the cliff, enjoy some leisurely swimming.

After reading that back, it does sound dangerous. Which is why the Army Corps of Engineers announced this week that alcohol will not be allowed at Granite Point Park. Why? The corps released a short statement explaining further:

These activities become even more dangerous when combined with alcohol use.

Well that was short but sweet.

On top of being much safer for visitors, the Army Corps of Engineers are hoping that banning alcohol will also reduce the amount of garbage and waste left at the park by partiers. Recent parties at Granite Point Park have resulted in over 800 pounds of trash having to be picked up and removed.

While not being able to enjoy your favorite hard drink does take a little fun away, if it keeps people safe and keeps our parks cleaner, it's a good thing.


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