Paved streets, newly planted trees, crosswalks and stop signs will soon line a new miniature "city" within Kuna, Idaho which up until recently has been an unpopulated flatland.

Kevin Miller of KIDO Talk Radio broke the news first, the evening before Meta's major announcement of this new data center. Those with an ear to the ground in Kuna knew that this was coming and now, an $800 Million project is public knowledge.

What could come with this new "data plant" that Meta--formerly known as Facebook--is popping up in the Treasure Valley? Well, a whole lot of construction, an increased need for infrastructure in that unincorporated part of Ada County, and: jobs.

You don't need to be living under a rock to know that the general growth of the Treasure Valley is controversial as it. Throw in Amazon and now Meta into the mix and it seems that corporate America has really struck a nerve with Idahoans.

Here are some examples of how Idahoans are reacting online today:

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