We don't always take ourselves seriously when writing articles. Sometimes they're for fun, to inform, or just provide a quick smile. Today's article, however, is serious.

Idaho's Most Wanted

When it comes to the most wanted criminals in Idaho, the list according to the Idaho Department Corrections is short. There are a total of nine individuals who made the "Most Wanted" list. Do you recognize any of these fugitives? Some have only been on the run for a few months. Take a good look at the photos below and let your local authorities know if you have absolutely any information.

This writer (and the team around me) has zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination against the queer community. If you have a problem with someone being gay, or a lesbian, or transgender, then you're the problem. Simple as that. Moving on.

Matthew Alan Lehigh, a 31-year-old Boise man, attempted to run over two people while driving his car. According to the indictment, it was motivated by the victims' sexual orientation. While Lehigh hasn't been proven guilty (yet), we're hoping to grow more fingers to keep them all crossed.

If found guilty, Lehigh faces up to 10 years in federal prison. Where he won't have access to a vehicle with which to attempt murder.

The Top 25 Baby Names For Girls In Idaho

Here are the top 25 baby names for girls in Idaho from the Social Security Administration based on the babies born in 2021.

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