It’s inevitable: the slow creep of time. 

I’ve been feeling it for a while now – I’m not the same young buck that I once was. Wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, entering adulthood with an eagerness that just exhausts me to think about now. 


I always used to laugh at my mom when she would say things like, “Put on sunscreen, because one day you’ll be happy that you don’t have more wrinkles or sun damage.” 

I’d just roll my eyes and brush it off, because the thought of getting older seemed strangely distant and foreign. For some reason, getting old doesn’t actually seem real when you’re younger. 

Well imagine my freaking surprise over the years, when I realized that time is not only passing ridiculously fast, but it has a cute way of slapping us across the face the older we get. 


I always joked that I’d know I was a “successful adult” when: I had a stocked liquor cabinet and a garden. 

My criteria obviously wasn’t strict or lengthy, but I had some logic behind my thinking. 


  • Having a liquor cabinet meant: I was no longer buying bottles of liquor or cases of beer for a specific night. It meant that I wasn’t living for the party or excessively drinking, but rather that I had learned balance and moderation. 


  • Maintaining a garden meant: I was planning ahead, caring for something other than myself, and most importantly, keeping it alive. 


It wasn’t much, but as someone who was always a bit of a wild child, I knew that having these things would mean I had finally settled down to an extent and that I had a semblance of peace. 


Well the older I’ve gotten, I’ve realized that there are a lot of indicators that show the passing of time and the glaringly obvious fact that we are all getting older.

So I asked fellow Idahoans, what are some telltale signs of aging that they’ve noticed? And the responses were extremely hilarious, and all too relatable. 


I've started noticing all of these same things just over the last couple of years, as I neared the age of 30, and they quickly made me realize that I'm not 21 anymore.

However, I'm not mad about that whatsoever! I'm learning that although some of these are hilariously unfortunate, getting older is actually pretty rad.

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