While the Treasure Valley area did just have an unseasonable snowfall and some decent April showers, it is not enough. This is the second straight fall, winter and spring that has not provided as much water as usual. The consequences could mean massive droughts, terrible and incontrollable wildfires, low river and lake levels, low crops, water restrictions and more.

Eastern Idaho is having drought complications already this year with East Idaho News KIVI saying, "Crop yields are expected to be low and pastures face poor conditions. Well levels are declining and water shortages are expected to occur. Local farmers face early canal shut-off or other measures due to the seriousness of the drought this summer."

The Idaho Water Supply Committee, met on Friday to discuss recent data that rose some serious concerns.  This summer could be the states lowest in history for water supply. According to the government website, "If it becomes apparent that a problem could occur - which it has- , IDWR alerts the Governor’s Office and organizes a water supply committee to coordinate all drought-related activities in Idaho. Depending upon the stage and magnitude of the water supply problem, the Water Supply Committee may organize a variety of subcommittees (described below) to help meet its goals."

The meeting happened the same day that the water canals around Idaho started being filled for farmers. The Idaho Water Users Association posted this saying, "This week many irrigation districts around #Idaho have turned on the water for #irrigation."

This interactive map lets you see different parts of the state and where they are in relation to the severity of drought in that area. The Treasure Valley is mostly 'Severe Drought' with a strip of 'Moderate Drought'. Parts of eastern Idaho are red meaning 'Extreme Drought'.


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