There are some things that are so Idaho--we all know they could really only happen in Idaho. Today, there is yet another example of this and as much as we wish it were a funny TikTok or meme online--it is once again, coming out of the Idaho State Capitol.

Attorney General Raul Labrador has been quite the character since taking office. Normally, the Attorney General's office is interpreting law, defending the State of Idaho, and doing far more "under the radar" tasks. Since Labrador took office, however, he's put the office front and center in many national and highly debated issues. Signing petitions and letters on behalf of Idaho for things that often, frankly, don't feel as though they concern everyday Idahoans too much.

The political 'experts' say he's keeping his name top of mind for a run at the Governor's seat in due time. Others say he's part of a new rhetoric we're seeing a lot of in Idaho, a classic match of "who is more Republican".

A press release that went out this afternoon had everyone scratching their heads--and it came from none other than the office of Raul Labrador.

"Attorney General Labrador Defeats Satan", read the headline.

One "hell" of a headline, is right.

Did they run out of characters or actually mean to publish this? Who knows.

The release is in response to The Satanic Temple arguing that Idaho's abortion ban was a violation of their religious liberty. For those who are unaware, 'Satan' is an entity in the Christian tradition that allegedly seduces humans into sin and or falsehood. There have been no confirmed sightings or appearances of 'Satan' outside of perhaps the Bible, ever.

We have not heard whether or not Raul Labrador actually saw the mystical character in court.

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