It doesn't matter where you fall on the political spectrum--it seems that just about every person in Idaho could agree that "politics" these days aren't what they once were. Sure, they've always been irritating and at times, heated. But this post-COVID world of political warfare is "a little extra" and wow, can it get old.

Just recently signed by Idaho Governor Brad Little was bathroom legislation. No, he isn't solving the important bathroom issues, like telling us whether the toll of toilet paper should go over the top of fall below--or even if we should wipe UP or wipe DOWN!  This legislation is all about where folks can and cannot, go.

The bill will take effect on July 1 of this year and it will require public schools to maintain separate bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, dressing areas, and overnight accommodation for males and females. Students are required to use the facilities that align with their "biological" gender assignment.

In recent years, this debate has gone on and on--now, legislation has been signed by the Governor. This got us thinking, however--now that it is law: what's the penalty for breaking it?

Well, after diving in we found a peculiar 'catch' to all of this--and it involves students calling for private lawsuits.

If you are a student, you are now entitled to filing a private lawsuit against a school that could award you $5,000 for every time that they saw a person in the 'wrong' facilities, to be paid for by the public school system. The school, of course, will need to prove that it either didn't happen or that they took necessary steps to stop it.

Oh, Idaho...

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