What if we told you that there is a bakery tucked away in a small Kuna home, on a dead end street, that just so happens to crank out some of the very best baked goods in Idaho and quite possibly, the nation?

We're here to tell you that this is, indeed, exactly the case.

We call it a hidden gem because of the local, family owned vibes that just so happens to be one of our favorite weekend destinations. The secret is out, however, and if you're a lover of sourdough--this spot is about to be come your favorite bakery, too.

Let's take a look at this 'hidden gem' in Kuna that is arguably one of the best bakeries in the entire State of Idaho!

Hidden Gem Bakery in Kuna Is One of Idaho's Best

When it comes to sourdough, there isn't anyone in the State of Idaho that does it better...

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Have you visited Hudson Bakings Company, or seen their products on the shelves of the Boise Co-Op!? 

Look, if you haven't made the time to get out to Kuna or a local store to pick up some of their sourdough products--we're speaking from experience: do it.

We first came across Hudson Baking Company from their participation in a local Girl Scout Cookie event--for the past two years, Aaron and Anna have dedicated time and talent to create sourdough styled desserts with Girl Scout Cookie inspiration to help kickoff the cooking season.  Each year, they're a fan favorite. After visiting their brick and mortar location--we're here to tell you that everything Hudson Baking Company does is the real deal.

Perhaps one of the coolest offerings of Hudson Baking Company? They'll deliver their bread, right to your door--FOR FREE.  You choose the frequency, they'll be there with the homemade goodness.

Learn more about their Bread Club, their products, and their story--HERE.

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