The nice thing about numbers is numbers do not lie. When you subtract one number from another, you get a definitive, definite answer on what remains after the equation is done. No arguing about alternative facts. No opinions about where the math originated from. No online forums in which people fight about if the math is, in fact, true or not.

It's math. It's always right.

Which is good, because we're going to use math to prove you that Idaho is overpriced, Idahoans are underpaid, and it's very much possible that we're all screwed money-wise in the near future.

Here comes that math we were talking about. As of this writing, the average median income in the state of Idaho is right around $29,500 per year. Meaning the average Idahoan is bringing that much money home per year. This will turn out to be an enormous problem for those living alone in Idaho.

The average cost of living in Idaho? $35,500 per year. Let's math!

$35,500 - $29,500 = $6,000. That means, according to this math, the average Idahoan living alone will be $6,000 in debt after living in Idaho for only a single year.

Where would you be the most broke if you could live anywhere in Idaho? That'd be Hailey, Idaho, where the average home price is over $624,000. We're sure there are a few millionaires in Idaho who could afford to live like that, but for all us normies, can we sleep over?

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