In a case that has felt all too surreal--for all of the wrong reasons--Lori Vallow continues to shock the globe as her trial goes on at the Ada County Courthouse in downtown Boise, Idaho.

Just this week, the prosecution rested their case--meaning that their witnesses, testimonies, and wide gamut of evidence and exhibits has now been exhausted. What happens from here on out is up to the panel of jurors.

Many believe that Lori Vallow will be found guilty and a lot of this speculation is based purely off of how profound the evidence presented was. While no cameras were allowed in the courtroom, reporters have been, and continue to be, set up inside of the courtroom and bringing information back to the public daily.

Many times, we have heard about a video that was shown to the jury--but now, we're seeing one:

Internet Shocked by This New Lori Vallow Footage

As if this trial hasn't been enough--new footage obtained by media outlets now shows Lori and Chad being served by a pool--with no cares in the world.

This video, taken four months after JJ and Tylee vanished, shows that Lori and Chad did't have a care in the world. 

What could have possibly been running through the minds of these two suspects? There is no denying from any reasonable person that they did not know exactly where these kids were--and even after being asked to provide their location to authorities, Lori just brushed it all off.

View the entire video for yourself, below: 

We all hope that justice is served--but experts say there are some paths for Lori to be found 'not-guilty':

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