I recently wrote about Idaho's Biggest Tourist Trap. The 'landmark' that while in this case, fun quirky and even admirable, is not as worthy of time, compared to other options. So what about when we ARE talking about the real deal? Iconic places, landmarks, tourist locations and awe-striking spots that deserve time and attention.

If you were to guess Idaho's most Iconic landmark, what would you guess?

The most iconic landmark worth visiting in Idaho is Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls according to loveexploring who say, "This dramatic cascade is famous as the site of a failed jump by American stuntman Evel Knievel, which left the daredevil with bruised pride and a broken nose. Now the waterfall – which is actually bigger in height than New York's famous Niagara Falls – is a favored photo stop. A viewing deck looks out over the watery spectacle."

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The official Shoshone Falls area website describes, "At 212 feet tall and 900 foot wide, Shoshone Falls is one of the largest natural waterfalls in the United States surpassing the height of the famous Niagara Falls. Shoshone Falls is located on the Snake River as it carves its way through a deep basalt Canyon on its way to the Columbia River."




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I love this bit of history they discovered about early visitors to the incredible falls too,  "Tourists have been known to visit Shoshone Falls as early as the mid-19th Century when travelers along the Oregon Trail would detour from the trail to visit the Falls."

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Of course Shoshone falls are worth seeing. They are stunning and deserving of the attention. There are some other great waterfalls in Idaho that should not be ignored though. See photos and learn more about 7 other Idaho waterfalls that should also be on your Gem State Adventure bucket list. Idaho Waterfalls Worth the Drive.

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