It's a universal truth that babies are going to keep being born. Can't do anything about it. And with new babies come baby names. So, so many baby names.

Some good. Jason. Clint. Daniel.

Some bad. Jaxx. Blade. Gage.

Like them or not, there are just too many baby names to keep up with. Luckily, in Idaho, we've got receipts to clear things up about which baby names really are the most popular.

Our besties at Stacker dove into the research, and have discovered Idaho's go-to baby names for boys. We were pretty surprised by the results.

Idaho's Most Popular Baby Names For Boys


Phew. While some of the names are unexpected, at least they're all predictable names. This writer is just glad that Brehndehn and Alehxandher didn't make the list. Y'all really need to stop with the adding random H's and N's into names just to get a couple more likes on your Instagram post. These are good children. Don't punish them with meaningless additional letters. Ain't nobody got time for that.

What are your thoughts on the list? We're sure you know some new babies, do you feel like their names are reflected here, or is this list (even though it's "scientific") feeling a little off to you? Jump on Facebook and let us know! Bonus points if you have a cool baby name already picked out for your bun in the oven.

Can't get enough. Here's a bunch more popular baby names around Idaho. See if you can guess any of these:

Top 100 Baby Names in Idaho

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