Idaho has a "favorite" halloween costume for the year and it isn't what I expected. Growing up, I was never a huge fan of Halloween--I just didn't understand the hype. As I have grown older, I still feel the same. Last year was my first year actually dressing up and I had an absolute blast--now I find myself not wanting to even attempt beating it. If you have ever watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (one of my favorite shows ever) you are probably familiar with Charlie Kelly and his "Dayman" outfit. I went all out with a yellow suit--what a blast.

I read a few weeks ago that the fastest selling mask in the country was a Post Malone face--and that comes as no surprised. Post Malone has had a massive year and with a face as distinctive as his, it can be a fun costume. However, Post Malone hasn't taken Idaho by least not as much as Fortnite has.

According to an interactive Google map, Fortnite costumes are most popular in the Treasure Valley. Take a look for yourself and even use their random costume generator, HERE.

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