2023 seems to be the year when canceling and banning things is all the rage.

If you find the idea of men dressed as women putting on a show repulsive? Folks are working extremely hard to ban drag performances in Boise.

Are some books that've been in schools for decades all of a sudden offensive to you in a very minor way? Yes, adults are working on banning ancient books from schools here too.

What's next? Well, we've heard some things, and you are not going to like what we're about to share with you.

There've been mumbles and grumbles around Boise about certain politicians wanting to ban the sale of street hotdogs downtown. Because it's 2023 and nobody gets to be happy anymore.

To say we're irate is an understatement. There's absolutely nothing better than stumbling out of Humpin' Hannah's at some ungodly hour, only to be greeting by the smiling face of a friendly street vendor ready to sell you delicious, and affordable, weiners.

Why would anyone want to take this away from us? Don't we have more important things to worry about in 2023? Surely there have to be some high school mascots that we now are deeply troubled by, right? Can't we work on any other issue than this?

Seriously. If Boise bans the sales of hotdogs downtown, we're moving. All of us. The entire company. Every employee. Every family member. Pets? They're going too. And while we're at it, we just might take some neighbors with us.

Because we really like those hot dogs.

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