Who you vote for can be a deeply personal subject. We get it. We all vote too.

And everyone knows there's no better way to make someone loathe you faster than to assault them with all kinds of voting jargon, why you should vote for so-and-so, and any other kind of vitriole then can fling your way.

That's what we're about to do. If you actually voted this way (you'll find out in a second), maybe you should reconsider living in Boise.

It was September 4th, 2002. Our nation was divided. Two candidates, of whom there can only be one winner, and an America on the edge of her seat waiting to hear the results:



Luckily, the nation voted correctly, and Kelly Clarkson is our inaugural American Idol, pop superstar, and a beloved talkshow host.

Oh, you voted for Justin Guarini? On behalf of everyone in Boise, get out.

We don't welcome yer kind 'round here. Now git.

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