Before I moved to Idaho, I had never been here before and honestly knew absolutely nothing about the state, the people or what people did for fun here. Upon moving here I quickly discovered that this was an outdoorsman's paradise. Everything from mountain biking, hiking, wakeboarding to snowboarding... I thought it's all here then I discovered the one thing that both men and women flock too... Fishing!

Based on my personal research fishing seems to be the most popular thing in Idaho. Feel free to check my sources... and by my sources I'm referring to Bumble, farmers only, ahead, go to any online dating service and you will see men and women alike featuring their catch of the day on their profile. It's rare to come across a profile that doesn't feature some sort of picture including a fish.

To all of these people I say congratulations, today is a good day and there are even better days to come because Idaho Power just announced that they will be adding 50,000 rainbow trout to C.J. Strike Reservoir this week. By the way these are not small fish the trout are about 10 inches long. No pressure but If after 50,000 fish are added you can't catch one on you fishing trip... you shouldn't be fishing... hahaha.

"This spring release is a good boost to the early fishing season," said Idaho Power Hatchery Facilities Coordinator Travis Long in a ktvb interview. "For folks that enjoy being outdoors, cabin fever starts setting in right about now, so this provides a good opportunity to break out the fishing gear and hopefully catch some supper."

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