The other day I was pulling out of a CVS driveway and as I waited for an opening in the traffic the car that was behind me pulled around me, drove into on coming traffic and them flipped a u-turn just so that he could end up in the far left hand turn lane. 30 seconds later the traffic cleared and I pulled into the same lane he was in without breaking any laws or making any dangerous maneuvers. I call these drivers a lot things but for the purpose of this article I will use the term "spirited". If you happen to be one of the menaces... I mean "spirited" drivers, I have just the thing for you.

What if you could drive like a maniac? What if you could corner like a bat out of hell? What if you could accelerate like you were running from the police? And what if you could do it legally? You can and you can do it this weekend (4/17- 4/18) at Expo Idaho during the SCCA autocross event. No need to be a professional, you show up in your racecar and by racecar I mean you're daily driver, the car gets inspected for simple safety items, you walk the course and then you race against the clock. The best part is that it's all legal. You can get the season schedule on the SCCA website. You can also get racing tips and more details on their facebook page. If you need to blow off some steam behind the wheel or simply feel the need for speed this is just what the doctor ordered.


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