I moved back to Boise from Spokane, Washington in early May of last year.  It's crazy to think I've been back in town and hanging out with you on 103.5 KISSFM for nearly a year now!

Here's a fun Mateo fact...I hate shopping, always get buyers remorse, and have to look at something in the store about 6 times before I decide to make the purchase.  I lived in my apartment here in Boise from May (when I moved back to town) until September without a TV and even a bed!!!  Not because I couldn't roll out to any given store and get the necessary items to adult in the comfort of my own home....but because I spend so little time at home, I did't see a need when I had a perfectly comfortable couch.

I've come a long way since then, mostly because I started dating a girl for a few months that was NOT impressed with my way-too bachelor, bachelor pad.

I have the necessities now...a bed, tv, lamps, you get the picture. But I have this WEIRD space on my living room wall and I've been looking for the perfect table to put there.  Fast forward like 5 months, and I found what I wanted on IKEA.com

I guess this is where I have to tell you: no, IKEA isn't opening a location in Boise.  But there is an AWESOME way to get IKEA to Boise, for a fraction of the shipping cost.

I came across a locally owned and operated business called Assembled In Boise.

Assembled in Boise will pick up ANYTHING you want from IKEA as they go down once a week to the Salt Lake City location, and bring it back right to your door the next day.  I ordered my table from IKEA on Wednesday of this week and had it at my doorstep by noon on Thursday.

Not only was this service convenient, but it saved me a TON of money.  Had I bought my table (priced at $159.00) and had it delivered direct from IKEA, my total would have been $508.00!  That's a $300 shipping charge!

With Assembled In Boise, I paid just $220.00 for what was essentially overnight shipping.

I have yet to assemble the table (I'm awful at this) but if one were interested, Assembled In Boise will even do this for a small extra charge.

My apartment is slowly starting to look like a space that an adult lives in and I can't speak high enough of the people at Assembled In Boise for making this so affordable for me!

Check out their services and learn more about them HERE.


Update: It's Monday and it's finally assembled! Now I just need to get my stereo and books set up on it! So excited!

Mateo's New Table


*I was not paid in any way for my review of this service.  As always, opinions and reviews remain my own.

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