It's Monday and most Mondays I need to laugh out loud otherwise it becomes a long day real quick and that is not the ideal way to kick off my week. From time to time I find a hashtag that remedies my Monday blues and today it's #IknewIReachedAdulthoodWhen . Here are my favorite responses from Twitter:

When food just stopped magically appearing in front of me and I had to buy it and cook it myself.

When I had my first drunk Uber ride from a bar on my 21st birthday.

When $50 and two cases of beer was no linger "set for the weekend"

When I had to pay bills.

When one of my mom's friends made a move on me. Hello Mrs. Robinson.

When I had to buy cheap cereal instead of the one with prizes inside.

When my mom bought me a suitcase and only a suitcase for my birthday

When my metabolism stopped working

When I ran out of toilet paper for the first time after moving out of my parents house.

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