I'm wrapping up week 2 of my Keto Journey. If you are not familiar with it, Keto is the diet someone in your office or your family has probably tried to tell you about. It's looked at as a "fad" but had actually been around for many years. The concept is to switch your body from burning carbs (which can reportedly carry many negative side effects) to burning health fats which some believe is what your body is made to run on.

So that means trading in bread and pasta for high-fat food such as avocado, bacon, healthy oils, and did I say bacon? When your body runs out of carbs it turns to burn fats which in part produce Ketones. Ketones are like jet fuel for your brain and body. When your body is burning keytones it's in a state called ketosis. If you eat to many carbs or sugars your body will get knocked out of ketosis and you have to start all over again.

I was curious to see how long it would take to jump back into Ketosis using dietary methods only. On Friday I went to Lucky Fins to celebrate a friends birthday, let's just say I had some non-keto friendly food. Fast forward to Saturday morning and I was no longer in the Ketosis Club. I felt a little down but quickly started my high fat Keto diet. Thinking it would take day's I was pleasantly surprised it only took 24 hours to get back into Ketosis. Now I know it's different for everybody and there are ways to get into Keto faster but I was happy to find out, I can have a cheat meal now and again and remain in Ketosis.

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