Most of us have many reasons to be thankful this holiday season.  For some, it's family, others may appreciate awesome friends, and for those who have it, health. Maybe 2017 blessed you with the perfect job, or perhaps you met your soulmate. One of the best things about the season is you can slow down, take a hard look back and appreciate some of the many blessings received.

One of my "look-back" moments hit me tonight when I was walking through the light tunnel on the Scentsy campus. I had a flashback to December 2016 when I was living in Portland. There always seemed to be a crazy situation happening. One night we took my daughter down to see the giant Christmas Tree at Pioneer Square. We decided to "Do Portland" and take the MAX (the mass transportation train) Shortly after we got on, a transient came and sat down next to us for a few stops. When he stood up to exit, heroin needles dropped out of his pocket right into my daughter's hands. Not a fun situation. That's one of the many stories that make me appreciate Boise so much. Sure, it's not perfect. Crime does happen here; it happens everywhere. But, walking through the light tunnel tonight was safe, it was clean, it was Boise, and I'm thankful to be back.

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